FAQ - Hydro Sandbinder
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What is Hydro SandBinder?

100 % synthetic dust control fluid  for all arena footings.

Is FS SandBinder proven to be safe for horses, humans and the environment?

YES — FS SandBinder is a safe, colorless, odorless, highly refined fluid. When used as directed, FS SandBinder has no adverse health effects on horses, animals, and humans. Beyond normal hygiene, no special precautions are required. FS SandBinder is not a controlled substance and has no exposure limits. Extensive acute and chronic toxicity testing data conclusively shows that FS SandBinder does not induce a toxic reaction when it is exposed to skin, eyes or lungs and does not pose a hazard. FS SandBinder is also biodegradable. Made in USA under strict environmental regulations.

How do I apply Hydro SandBinder to my horse arena footing?

FS SandBinder is easy to apply. There is no mixing required. It is easily sprayed onto the footing using your own or rented tractor with fork arms which could lift 2,200 lbs. It comes in 275gall containers fixed on a pallet. A spray attachment system is attached. The correct amount of FS SandBinder to be applied is directed in the instructions. Apply the liquid down to almost the base then gently dragged and leveled after application.

How long does Hydro SandBinder last?

Application in Indoor Arenas last up to 24 months, in Outdoor Arenas up more than 12 months.

What determines how much Hydro SandBinder I will need for my arena footing?

Application rate depends on the depth of your arena and additives. For an average of 3 inches geotextile arena footing the application rate is 1 gallon per 25 square feet. So for a Standard dressage arena 60mx20m (13000 f2) 650 gallons = 2 x 275 gal tanks
For a 20,000 sqft jumping arena with 4 inches 1,100 gallons = 4 x 275 gal tanks

Will Hydro SandBinder work on different types of arena footing?

Yes, it works on a wide range of footings, sand, geotextile and rubber/sand horse footing.

As it binds with the sand, it is relatively independent to the sand added materials. Geotextile sand footing is favorable, since it absorbs the fluid well and keeps it moist.

Will I still need to water my arena footing?

No, FS SandBinder does not need any watering.  If additional tightness in the footing is desired, adding a minimal amount of water will give the footing some extra stability. FS SandBinder works up to 12 months in your footing, after this period, a re-application is recommended.

Will Hydro SandBinder freeze in my arena footing during cold, winter weather?

No — FS SandBinder will not freeze even at -30 degrees F. Therefore it is ideal in cold climates where there exists concerns of temperatures affecting the ability to have dust control.

What size container is Hydro SandBinder available?

Hydro SandBinder is available in 275-gallon tanks affixed to pallets only.

Where is Hydro SandBinder produced?

FS SandBinder is produced in USA under strict environmental regulations.

How do I order Hydro SandBinder?

We ship FS Sand Binder in 275 gallon poly totes nationwide via common carrier usually within one week.