Hydro Sandbinder - Hydro Sandbinder
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Hydro Sandbinder

Convert Your Arena Footing into DUST-FREE Footing

The Solution for your WATER and DUST Problems is here now!

All riding arenas need water to eliminate dust. More so, all Arena footings and geotextile footings highly depend on water as a binder to keep the horse footing stable and consistent.
Without water as the binder Arena footings are getting very dusty and loose, geotextiles are separating from the sand grains and travel to the top and sit like a carpet. Arena Footings need a certain amount of moisture for binding the sand grain to improve texture and performance.

Being based in Southern California, Footing Solutions USA has been searching for the right treatment to replace the need for water in hot and freezing climates.
FS SandBinder controls airborne dust and binds the sand particles for better traction and resilience in the arena footing. We tested the effects of the FS SandBinder in the dry and warm summer climate of Southern California. The arena footing stayed at the perfect moisture level and dust-free for up to 12 months without adding any water.



  • Optimum moisture in the Arena Footing
  • Eliminates dust and binds the sand for good traction
  • 100% synthetic liquid, clear and odorless, non-toxic and non- sticky
  • Easy to apply and long-lasting
  • Environmentally and Animal safe
  • Water Conservation of 90%, YES 90%
  • Manufactured in the USA under extreme environmental regulations
  • Can be used on pre-treated Chloride footings

Bottom Line:
FS BaseBinder acts like water on your sand footing, binding the sand to keep your arena footing consistent
…Conserve water!

Hydro Sandbinder vs Water

over $ 21,000.-/year in water cost saved

Calculations are based upon:

  • 20,000 ft2 arena being watered with 4 x 60gal/min sprinklers running for 10 min each once a day.
  • Water rates are @ $19/ HCF in tier 3 (usage tier 3 = >12 HCF/month).
  • 12 months period